Choosing the right education for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. At St Kevin’s, we proudly nurture the whole child:


With a strong academic focus, 21st century learning offers opportunities in robotics, coding and technology, whilst consistently achieving outstanding results.


Including a range of fitness, PE and gross motor programs – along with team sports and our innovative options for physical activity options during lunchtime and recess. 


By providing a nurturing, faith-filled environment, where our Catholic story and values instill care and inclusion for all. Our ‘Be You' program underlies our ethos where each student is supported in developing awareness, resilience and empathy for one another. 

St Kevin’s is a small and personal community. Your child will be known and loved by a wonderful and dedicated team of professionals.

At St Kevin’s, we are enormously proud of our partnership with parents and carers, who work closely with us to support the work of our staff and ultimately our students, who are known, valued and respected.